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Oct 19
VMworld Europe 2011 Party


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Oct 19
VMworld Solutions Exchange Demo Theater Presentations

The following list shows offerings in the Demo Theater in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Europe 2001. Drop by and attend these presentations during Wed and Thursday.

Date Time Company Name Speaker Name/Title Presentation Title
Wed 10:30-11:00am Quantum Henrik Rosendahl - Vice President of Virtual   Solutions Concert Pharmaceuticals: Optimizing VM Backup with   Quantum
Wed 11:10-11:40am AppSense David Shepherd - Technical Alliances Director (EMEA) Desktop Virtualization Isn’t Easy, Virtualizing the   User Helps
Wed 11:50-12:20pm Symantec Herve Lequippe Backup Best Practices: Modernising Backup for   Virtual Environments
Wed 12:30-1:00pm Cisco Henry Manners, Area Sales Manager - EMEA CITEIS – A Cisco on Cisco Private Cloud Case Study
Wed 1:10-1:40pm Intel Gustavo Benedicty, Intel Alliance Manager, and Marco   Righini, Intel Solution Architect Scalability and Reliability in the Virtual Data   Center
Wed 1:50-2:20pm Tech Target Alex Barrett - Executive Editor, Mike Laverick -   industry blogger Tech target Awards
Wed 2:30-3:00pm Intel Iddo Kadim, Intel Director Datacenter Technologies Discover What It Takes to Lead Your Organization   Into Cloud Computing
Wed 3:10-3:40pm Virtual Instruments Archie Hendryx - Senior Solutions Consultant –   vExpert vSphere 6.0 – What’s Needed?
Wed 3:50-4:20pm BlueArc Joann Starke - Senior Solutions Product Marketing   Manager Scale-Right NAS for Data-Intensive Virtualization   and Cloud
Wed 4:30-5:00pm Net Optics Ran Nahmias - Director of Cloud Solutions Visibility and the Virtual Environment: Increasing   Real Security
Wed 5:10-5:40pm Cisco Peter Charpentier, Solution Architect Enabling VDI-VXI with Cisco Services
Thurs 11:00-11:30am Adtran/Bluesocket Business Group Mads Lillelund - General Manager, Bluesocket   Business Group/ADTRAN Wi-Fi Goes Virtual on VMware - the World’s Only   Virtual Wireless Network Solution
Thurs 11:40-12:10pm Bitdefender Shaun DONALDSON - Director of Alliances Security for Virtualized Environments by Bitdefender   with vShield integration
Thurs 12:20-12:50pm Symantec Barnaby Wood & Lorenzo Galelli Integrated HA for Applications in VMware   environments
Thursy 1:00-1:30pm Quantum John LaRue - Technical Advisor Considerations for Virtual Machine Data Protection

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Oct 19
The Demo Cloud at VMworld Copenhagen

We are really excited about our DemoCloud and wanted to share some background information on it and more important encourage you to come and visit us at the VMworld Booth. 


Some perspective on our DemoCloud

“Demo Cloud Activate” – Captain Kirk had it right……..using computers should be this easy.

We needed a stable environment where I can quickly and easily provision a pre configured, ready to go stack!

We chose to go with the vSEL project headed up by our very own Sir Ford Donald – Super Architect and great friend. vSEL is our internal platform that hosts infrastructure for our worldwide sales force. A huge benefit of using vSEL is that it provided everything for us, View, Storage, Security in a an encapsulated ready to go “bubble” It would have taken months for our teams to build this infrastructure from scratch.  

The best part of vSEL is that uses our latest products launched – vCloud Director 1.5,  vSphere 5.0, and vShield. If you are planning on going to VMworld be sure to check out Ford Donald’s session on vSEL.

One of my favorite features / capability of vSEL is the ability to share final “Gold Master” copies of our demos with our worldwide sales force.

Sharing content is pretty easy to do.. 2 clicks and there you go. 


Running our Demos from Wanatche, Washington USA

The Demo Cloud is hosted in Wanatche Washington and it is pretty incredible to have our demos truly hosted in our remote data center. Take a look at our network stats from Palo Alto to Copenhagen. 


A picture really does say a lot about our Demo Cloud. It truly has changed the way we do business.


A few lessons learned as a Business Owner managing Demo Cloud.
1. Create a central knowledge base so your developers can get answers to FAQs, Documents, Wikis and pointers to other sites – we used a Private VMTN Community – Jive has been a great platform for us.
2. Establish an SLA process, people, and agreement on scope of resource you will provide for your developers. Always set expectations accordingly and over deliver.
3. Have a robust flexible ticketing system for issues that need to be tracked – we our internal ticketing system – Helpzilla. It really beats using an email list
4. Reporting – We created our reports using APIs is will give us more flexibility – and are using Chargeback to collect data.
5. Set a process and criteria for releasing vApps into the wild. The last thing our field needs is a vApp that has no documentation, not usable or supported by the creator. We set up an internal Demo Library where we only allow blessed, supported content. It makes it easy to centralize and point people to it.
6. Be sure to remind everyone how much time, money you have saved by deploying your services using your DemoCloud.

More about our DemoCloud: SlideRocket Presentation

Product Demos and Solutions we are showing

1. Cloud Infrastructure and Management
VMware vCenter Operations
VMware Service Manager
VMware vCloud Director 1.5
VMware vCenter ChargeBack Manager
VMware vSphere 5 (of course)
Tech Preview: Networking
VMware High Availability
VMware Fault Tolerance
VMware vCenter HeartBeat
VMware vCenter Site Recovery
VMware vShield 5
VMware vCenter Configueration Manager

2. End User Computing
VMware Zimbra
VMware View
VMware vCenter Operations for Desktop
VMware View Client
VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform
VMware Horizon Application Manager
VMware ThinApp

3. Cloud Application Platform
Spring Framework
VMware vFabric RabbitMQ
VMware vFabric tc Server
Cloud Foundry
VMware vFabric Data Director
VMware vFabric SQL Fire + Spring Insight Operations
Tech Preview: VMware vFabric Application Performance Management

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Oct 07
Eat, Drink, Network and Relax

VMworld offers several powerful networking opportunities with industry-leading Knowledge Experts, peers and technology partners throughout the week. Here are just some of the special events you can take advantage of while in Copenhagen.


Welcome Reception
Tuesday, 18 October, 17.30 - 19.30
Solutions Exchange
Start your time at the conference with good food and good conversation. Catch up with colleagues, talk to technology partners, bump into Knowledge Experts and just enjoy some down time with professionals in your field.


Hall Crawl
Wednesday, 19 October, 16.00 - 18.00
Solutions Exchange
Enjoy a refreshing beverage while you see the latest products and services from over 125 exhibitors in the Solutions Exchange.


VMworld 2011 Party
Wednesday, 19 October, 20.00 - 24.00
Tap 1, Ny Carlsberg Vej 91, 1799 Copenhagen
You’ll be ready to party after two packed days of education and networking. This is a great time to get to know other IT professionals in a relaxed, informal setting with delicious food, activities and entertainment. Take a break and enjoy the fun!


For other official and unofficial gatherings organized by VMware, sponsors/exhibitors, attendees and user groups. View our Twitter feed for gatherings, tweetups and parties


Register for VMworld now and don’t miss the event of the year.


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Oct 05
Knowledge Expert Program - Get Individualized Information

The VMworld Knowledge Experts program are VMware employees who specialize on one specific topic (Technical or Non-Technical) and are available to attendees in One-on-One meetings, Group Discussions or during Breakout Sessions.


Group Discussions allow VMworld attendees to meet with Knowledge Experts in an informative and interactive session to gain insight from like-minded colleagues in similar industries. Topics include: Cloud Security, Storage, Memory Management, Data Protection, Applications Management and Network.


Schedule 15 minute One-on-One Meetings with an expert of your choice in an open dialogue based on your specific questions.


Knowledge Experts include:

Charu Chaubal: Compliance
Kit Colbert: Memory
Chris Colotti: vCloud
Lee Dilworth: Site Recovery Manager
Ford Donald: vCloud and vSEL
George Gerchow: Compliance/vCenter Configuration Manager
Cormac Hogan: Storage
Andrew Johnson: Horizon
Ravi Kumar: Security
Matthew Lodge: Cloud Computing
Kannon Mani: Virtualizing Oracle on VMware
Dave McCrory: Cloud Foundry
David Overbeek: vCenter Operations and vCenter Configuration Manager
Massimo Re Ferre: vSphere and vCloud Director
John Robb: Zimbra
Tom Stephens: vSphere HA and FT
Thomas Walker: VMware View and ThinApp


Don’t miss this opportunity by registering for VMworld today.


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Oct 03
Don’t Miss These Key Sessions at VMworld Copenhagen

With so many things taking place at VMworld Copenhagen, including 200+ sessions, over 20 Hands-on Labs and more than 125 sponsors and exhibitors in the Solutions Exchange we wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about these important sessions.


VMworld General Sessions will help you get a view of where VMware is going for the coming year and what the latest product launches mean to your organization.


First off hear from VMware CTO and SVP of R&D Steve Herrod on Tuesday, October 18 and get a look into the technologies underpinning the cloud. You will also receive an insider’s tour of the industry’s first comprehensive cloud infrastructure suite, including vSphere 5’s most advanced features and capabilities.


Raghu Raghuram, VMware’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Cloud Platforms, will speak on Wednesday, October 19 about The Software-Driven Datacenter focusing on industry trends that will move forward a more dynamic, flexible and automated datacenter environment based on the increasing role of virtualization across the datacenter.


On Thursday, October 20, VMware CEO, Paul Maritz will provide an inside look at the forces shaping Cloud Computing and the next generation of IT. See the latest in the world’s most advanced cloud infrastructure technologies and get real-world perspective from the CIOs of some of the globe’s largest and most respected brands.


Finally, do not miss special VMware Super Sessions on Tuesday, October 18 where you will learn about the latest products and solutions. These sessions will also provide  you a roadmap of other key sessions and activities taking place the rest of the week to maximize your time.

• The Biggest VMware Management Launch Ever! – Find out What’s New & What’s Next in Virtualization and Cloud Management
• Transitioning to ESXi
• Securing your Cloud
• The End-User Computing Revolution Starts Now with VMware View


If you have not yet registered for VMworld Europe, don’t hesitate as we are two weeks out from the event. Register Today.


Once registered, do not forget to build your schedule with Schedule Builder. You MUST pre-register for the sessions you want to attend this year to reserve a seat.


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Sep 17
VMware Community TV at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen

After a great experience running live TV shows from the VMworld Community Lounge, we will open up the VMware Community TV to our friends in Copenhagen as well.


I have just set up the schedule page at vmware.com/go/vmworld-community-tv


Every day of the show, we will be broadcasting from 10:30 to 16:00 on a live streaming channel at livestream.com/vmwarecommunitytv.


Just like in Vegas, we will have a video streaming station set up which you can book and use to broadcast your session live on VMware Community TV.


If you are interested in doing a live podcast using our setup, you can book a slot, and use it to interview guests, offer some commentary, or a live technology demonstration.


If you would like to use our audio and video equipment to record your content for offline use, you can book that as well outside of VMware Community TV hours, on a first-come, first-served availability basis.


When requesting a slot in our streaming station, please let us know what topics you plan to cover and whether you will have any guests during your show. Since we are at VMworld, the topics should be related — cloud, virtualization, VMUGs, vExpert talks, or other VMware-related areas.


Each segments should be 20-30 minutes long and start on the half-hour. The podcasting station is self-serve, but we will have some technical assistance available.


If the schedule becomes oversubscribed, John and I will give Community content first priority in scheduling, but exhbitiors with community-oriented topics are also encouraged to book a slot.


We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but can’t guarantee that we can give you the time slot you want. To help us with that, please submit several time slot suggestions or ranges to pick from.


Approximate broadcast times: Monday-Thurs 10:30-2:30.


> Current VMworld 2011 Copenhagen VMware Community TV schedule

> Submit a proposal for VMware Community TV slot

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Sep 08
VMworld Europe Schedule Builder Live

New this year, attendees must pre-register for sessions. Without pre-registration, you will not be given access to any breakout sessions.

If you are registered for VMworld Europe, view a full listing of sessions, organize your days, and sign-up for the sessions you want to attend. Most sessions will be repeated at least once and we will be adding additional sessions based on popularity, so if it is full, check back.

If you are not yet registered, what are you waiting for? Register now and build out your schedule.

During VMworld, you will be able to add a session to your schedule up to an hour prior to the start. Session rooms will open approximately 25 minutes before the start of a session and close 3 minutes to the start of the session. Only attendees who have pre-registered for the session will be allowed in the room. There will be NO stand-by line, so please make sure to register for the sessions you plan on attending.

Hands-on Labs will be available on-demand and can be taken at any time throughout the event. You can add Lab time to your personal schedule, but will need to visit the Labs at VMworld to sign-up.

Lab Hours:
Tuesday   09.00 – 14.30
Wednesday   10.30 – 18.00
Thursday   10.30 – 16.30

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Sep 06
VMworld 2011 (Copenhagen) Contributors, Gatherings and Promos


VMworld 2011 (Las Vegas) was by far the biggest VMworld so far in many ways. Much of this is due to the great efforts of our Twitterverse and Blogosphere. Thank you all for your comments and coverage!


Now, it is time to prepare for VMworld 2011 Europe, heading to Copenhagen in October. Once again, we have created wiki documents to share as contributor lists for the conference.


Please add yourself or your events/programs to these lists if you will be providing coverage or content during VMworld 2011 Copenhagen. And please share this blog and/or these links directly to others using your social media channels.


Twitter coverage: http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-twitter


Bloggers: http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-bloggers


Gatherings, Tweetups & Parties: http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-gatherings


Promos & Giveaways: http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-promos


Solutions Exchange Theater Presentations: http://vmware.com/go/vmworld-theater

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