Video Leaks From Samsung’s ‘Artificial Human’ Avatar Project Neon New York Is Proposing the Creation of a ‘Public Venmo’
Jan 06

The once-king-of-the-hill smartphone vendor, which had a terrible 2018, continued to bleed last year, according to financial disclosures it made on Monday. From a report: HTC reported revenue of 10,015 TWD ($333 million) in 2019, down 57.8% from 23,741 TWD ($789 million) it posted the year before, and whopping 87% below over $2 billion it grossed in 2017. As Bloomberg columnist Tim Culpan pointed out, Apple now generates more from selling AirPods in a fortnight than HTC clocks from selling each of its offering in a year. The drop in revenue comes as the Taiwanese firm scales back its smartphone business — a sizable portion of which it sold to Google two years ago — and focuses on virtual reality headsets and accessories. HTC has yet to disclose how much money it lost in the quarter that ended in December, but in the other three quarters last year, it lost 7.05 billion TWD ($234.4 million).

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