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Aug 02

Amazon said Thursday that it will turn off the capabilities of all its Dash buttons worldwide on August 31st. “The decision follows Amazon’s move in February to stop selling new buttons,” reports CNET. “At the time, the company let folks with existing Dash buttons continue to order stuff with them, but an Amazon spokesperson said usage “has significantly slowed” since then, resulting in the company pulling the plug completely on the program. CNET reports: The Dash button, the ultimate single-use device, lets you buy an item on Amazon with one click. […] Amazon has replaced the physical buttons with virtual Dash buttons on its website, which will continue to be available. The company said it’s seen growth in other options, too, such as voice shopping through Alexa as well as Dash Replenishment Service, which allows appliances to automatically reorder items like printer ink when they’re running low. Subscribe & Save is another popular option that should help fill the shopping void left for any longtime Dash button enthusiasts. While those buttons will no longer work by month’s end, folks will notice Dash’s core concept of more seamless shopping remains alive in just about every smart home.

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